Enjoy your menses!

With the new Menstrual Pain relief Cramp Pack and Disposable Panties with ready fixed pad for your menstrual comfort.

Cramp Pack

Cramp Pack the immediate relief solution from menstrual discomfort. Find your groove and feel radiant with a menstrual Cramp reliever that also gives you comfort









Escape Disposable Panties with pad

Pads and periods shouldn’t be boring. Feel free with a sanitary pad that gives you both style AND comfort.

Escape Disposable Panties with pad is made with sterilized  flexible pad that doesn’t skip out on protection. you can wear what you want and do what you want any day of the month.

Dedicated to Loving and Caring for you

Much Love

Much care

Escape Sterilized Disposable Pants with Pad and Cramp Pack